"I've never found such a supportive and dedicated forum. Someone will post in the crisis room and that
same desperate person replies and supports another crisis post despite their own feelings"
Please take note of the following: Due to the sensitivities of self harm, please exercise caution when using this website.

The aims of this forum are to:

Support individuals who self harm to reduce emotional distress and improve their quality of life

Support and provide information for family and carers of
individuals who self harm

Raise awareness of the needs of people who self harm, dispel myths and combat discrimination

Empower and enable those that self harm to seek alternatives to self harm and further help where appropriate

Online Support Forum

The forum provides crisis support, information and resources,
advice, discussions and distractions.

Closely monitored, available 24/7

" I don't want to die, I just want the pain to stop...
The only way I can get some relief from this emotional pain is by hurting myself..."

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