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Here and Now Room / Re: So stressed
« Last post by Popcorn on Today at 06:50:38 PM »

I can't get out to counselling as I have NO ONE to take me out

I'm suppose  to be having part 2 (round 3 as others have been screwed up) with the head of psychological therapies services who thinks 4 1 hr sessions on coping skills will help... mmm just to stop the self harm, really?
I've pushed for a unit but it don't look hopeful as she said I wasn't safe in therapy and therapy I need to be able to have a life.

I have not started antibiotics, I'm now up to 9 and half hours sleep Saturday evening since the Monday evening , whooo hooo 9 and a half hours.

Is there any point in life?
Here and Now Room / Re: PTSD struggles *trig SA*
« Last post by HoundDog on Today at 03:30:43 PM »
Hi Tigger, I'm struggling here too and I noticed you said you have a horse?  So do i.  He keeps me going too.
Here and Now Room / Re: PTSD struggles *trig SA*
« Last post by Tucan on Today at 02:48:59 PM »
Dogs can be a great comfort. I miss having a dog. You won't be this way forever. It can take a while to heal though and unfortunately things don't get better overnight. I really wish they did. Anxiety can sucks. It horrid, it invades everything. I understand why you are so tired from it. Also not sleeping properly doesn't help you either. Could you go back and try a different sleep aid? It sounds like you are doing all the right things. And that is fantastic. I am.proud of you for still trying. You haven't given up yet and keep up things like your work.
Here and Now Room / Re: Physical health & meds worries
« Last post by Tigger on Today at 02:39:46 PM »
 That is starting to sound a bit more positive  for you.  Have you heard back from the man since your message?
If you agree struggling with your past you should try and get some counseling to support you and work through it because i was told by my psychologist that the more you try to run from it the more your brain wants to bring it out to be dealt with. She uses the example of a laundry closet that's over full because the clothes have been shoved in and the door won't shut properly so the closest keeps busting open. If you bring all the clothes out and fold them neatly and put them back in then the door closes and stays shut unless you choose to open it. Makes sense to me anyway. I spent 20 years running from my past and in the end it all exploded around me without giving me any other option.
Hopefully you can stick with this positive approach because you deserve to be happy.
Here and Now Room / Re: So stressed
« Last post by Tigger on Today at 02:28:30 PM »
That does sound quite intense with all your meds but you may take your antibiotics its very important what if it gets really bad and you do yourself permanent damage. The nurse sounds really good and could see all the problems you are having i hope she reports back to someone how you aren't coping. Well done ordering the grapes. Could you perhaps order some of the prechopped carrots to munch on with some dip maybe or some apples and bananas cause you can eat them without prep. Some good food might help with your health.
Hang in there the social anxiety sounds really tough is there a way to get some counseling to help tackle some issues leading to the social anxiety? It sounds as though your CMHT are letting you down a lot.
Here and Now Room / Re: Not fair trig od
« Last post by Tigger on Today at 02:15:09 PM »
Let us know how you're appointment goes. Glad you are still seeing your mum even if you aren't saying or doing much just being can be good. Good you see your dad too normally . I'm sorry about your grandad hopefully he is better soon and you can see him. 9
Here and Now Room / Re: PTSD struggles *trig SA*
« Last post by Tigger on Today at 02:09:18 PM »
It's the worst isn't it Popcorn! I have Melatonin too i don't think it does much for me because i don't generate struggle to fall asleep initially. More that i wake up after a few hours and then struggle to get back to sleep or drift in and out for the rest of the night with crazy dreams. I do manage to get through day surprisingly well but i just feel so tired all the time. I hate being tired normally I'm the kind of person who can sleep for 9 or 10 hours and also have a nap.

I hope this is only temporary Tucan I'm starting to worry that I'm stuck this way now and that it won't get better. Like i opened the lid of the box and now the stuff won't go back in cause it no longer fits.

Accidentally fallen asleep this evening because i was so exhausted but woken back up again and its only 11pm so now I'm awake. I'm annoyed with myself cause i will struggle to sleep again now.  Anxiety is creeping into everything i do and it just wears me out all the excessive physical symptoms and my overthinking. I don't know what else to do to fix this i see the psychologist every week and I'm taking ADs and i exercise tons and try to socialise and do things i like but I'm simply exhausted, lonely and lost. Dunno what i would do without my dog at least she is always here for me  :dog41:
Here and Now Room / Re: Not fair trig od
« Last post by Tucan on Today at 08:54:10 AM »
My assessment is Monday with them.
Here and Now Room / Re: So stressed
« Last post by Tucan on Today at 08:53:20 AM »
I hope you manage some sleep. You need to take the antibiotics chick. You need to look after yourself and that arm.
Here and Now Room / Re: PTSD struggles *trig SA*
« Last post by Popcorn on Today at 06:01:00 AM »
I see your suffering sleep problems too, I've got melatonin this he wouldn't prescribe anything sedative even though shrink knows I've got a sleep disorder,

Are u getting any sleep?  Can u function safely at work like this?

Hope u and me are able to get that much needed sleep very soon that  we both need for our health
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