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Here and Now Room / Re: Addition to... trig s/h
« Last post by jokerlaw on Today at 05:40:57 PM »
Hi, sorry I didn't reply last night, was exhuasted. One to one went well so did the last session of group, although in the group session I felt very unwell. As my dr had said on the phone I was going into a short withdrawal. Saw my dr that evening and he has agreed that the anti pyschotic I was taking was not the drug for me. And sadly like of mental health medication, its a case of trial and error. With regards to the withdrawal symptoms, as I was getting dizzy and light headed and wanting to be sick he said that I had a bit of vertigo and prescribed something to help, which it has. I've also got to take sleeping tablets for two nights, second night tonight. He hasn't made any decisions about where to go next with the medication, wanted to wait until our nect apointment and not overload me or my body with new meds and information. He also now knows that I acknowledge that I have an addiction towards s/h and that also at the moment I don't want to do anything about it.

Slept well last night, I completely crashed out. Today I have just been resting and sleeping. Tomorrow I'm going away for the weekend. It will be fun although I am s*** scared about the number of people.
Things are not good, feel very very lonely, the other close friend I could lean on for support, hasn't now drifted away from me now, she knows to keep in touch with me and I rarely can ask for help when I need it, she said she would text and check up on me often, hmm said that one week ago.

Just feel unsupported and don't want to see the cpn in the morning,stressed about it already
Here and Now Room / Re: Not fair trig od
« Last post by Tucan on Yesterday at 09:28:42 PM »
He was on the phone for ages also. He didn't rush me. He kept turning it round so when I spoke of sad things he helped me look at more positive stuff I can be doing. I need to look at the group more. I hope socialisation will help me. I want to go into supported housing as I live alone and am so isolated.
Here and Now Room / Re: Not fair trig od
« Last post by Vermilion on Yesterday at 09:17:03 PM »
That group sounds good, though I know that making that phonecall will be hard. I hope that you can manage it and perhaps socialising with others might help ease the depression for you. I'm glad that he was nice to you.  :hug2:
Games Room / Re: A-Z Human body (2)
« Last post by Tucan on Yesterday at 06:19:58 PM »
Games Room / Re: what can you hear around you? 2
« Last post by Tucan on Yesterday at 06:19:33 PM »
TV and a pool game.
Games Room / Re: More word DISassociation!
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Games Room / Re: Contribute one word to the story
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Games Room / Re: The OR game 3!
« Last post by Tucan on Yesterday at 06:18:33 PM »
Out the city

Coke or pepsi
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